Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, or PPF, as we call it, is an invention born of need.  3M was called on during the Vietnam era to develop a film that would protect helicopter rotors from being abraded during lift off and landings in dusty or sandy conditions.  Eventually finding its way to the automotive market, it has been an excellent product proven to protect paint finishes from the daily rigors of driving and commuting.

PPF is a clear urethane film with an adhesive on one side.  It has properties that allow it to stretch and shrink somewhat, so it may be applied to contoured surfaces.  It can be either computer or hand cut to trim it to the desired size.  For the computer cut products, first a pattern must be made, scanned ,then uploaded to a computer.  It is then marketed to shops like ours.   This is a service we subscribe to and while there a several companies offering patterns to the industry they may vary significantly by the quality,  number, and style of patterns they offer.

Our process is that we select a pattern and package to match your vehicle depending upon your choices.  We then cut the desired pattern on a computerized plotter.  After washing your vehicle we,  again, super clean the areas to receive film.  We then apply the film to the vehicle and “work” the fit until it matches the desired parameters.  Sometimes there is little hand trimming that needs to be done but this is usually very minimal.   With hand cut/ custom application the entire piece is trimmed “in place,” and leaves more opportunity to cut through the film and into the vehicle’s clear coat/ paint.  That, of course, would cancel any benefit of applying PPF in the first place.

At Mr Windshield we firmly believe computer cut technology to be superior to hand cutting for the majority of work, and limit hand cutting to minor final  trim and select custom work when no pattern is available.

Proper PPF application requires a high degree of technical skill and a substantial and ongoing investment.  With an already extensive background in automotive   window tinting we began researching PPF as an added service some 8 years ago.  We sampled products and methods for two years then made our initial investment and acquired equipment, a supplier, and software.  We spent another year doing PPF on select vehicles and working on internal projects before coming to market with our product 5 years ago.  In this manner we have  chosen products, developed a service and honed our skills first,  before introducing  our line of PPF product and service which  we believe is the superior offering in our market.

Unlike, window film, and auto glass replacement we do not offer  telephone or online quotes without first inspecting the vehicle.  It is best if the vehicle is new, or in like new condition.  There are a variety of surfaces that can be protected on any given vehicle and would like to discuss with you the performance and expectations of PPf and get a sense of your desires.  At that time we will quote various packages for your vehicle .


Response time is no more than half of a business day. For immediate response please contact us by phone at (800) 909-1941.