Hello Friends, Neighbors, and Customers of Kamiah. It’s been our great pleasure to serve you locally through our fair weather months and I want to give a heartfelt thank you for your ongoing business and support. The little trailer we park on the corner has been a learning experience for us and You, as a community, have been very helpful in getting our idea of a semi-permanent mobile shop established. Thank you for being patient with us as we’ve figured things out.

We’re still learning, and this page is an example of our continuing commitment to bring you the best, most meaningful, service we know. You are very important to us and we want to continue growing with you. Please read on.

This page is for Kamiah, Kooskia, Stites and the surrounding areas. You cannot access this page through our website, but you can access the website through this page. At this time, you can access this page only by clicking a link on Google Ads, or Facebook Ads. You may also request a link to this page by emailing or calling us. If you have the ability to save this link: https://mrwindshield.com/kamiah or webpage for future use you may want to do that. Feel free to share this with your neighbors.

We too dislike getting incessant emails from someone we may have once done a little business with and we well understand our services are generally not required often, but we want to be available as you need us. This page is always available to you, and the idea is to post our scheduling and maybe some newsy stuff so you can know what were up to at the time. Again, we’re learning as we go so please bear with us.

Now, on to the important stuff.

Well, Foul weather is afoot. We got an earlier start in Kamiah this spring and stayed later this fall than we’ve been able to the past couple of years. That is thanks, in no small part, to Michael Smith, our technician in Kamiah. It’s been a Godsend to have him and for those of you that do not yet know him, he hails from the Seattle area and is an old dog installer much like myself. It seems he’s related to about everyone in town and finally decided Idaho life might be the best choice. He’s been coming to Kamiah for summers and vacations since he was a kid.

As you may know, we’ve brought the trailer back to Lewiston and we’re hunkering down for the winter season. For the colder intemperate months we really want to get your vehicle into one of our shops. We’ve found that even though they make cold weather products for our industry there is just no substitute for having the warm shop and appropriate humidity for glass installation. Even a very thin layer of dew or moisture on a vehicle can render the primers or adhesives useless. Colder temperatures can also have a detrimental effect, and we believe that it’s just not worth it. The products we use like to be warm and gooey.

So, this time of the year, get it in the shop.

Of course that means a trip to town for you. Well, if you haven’t stocked up on your salt and lard and reindeer pellets yet, you might be able to plan a trip to Lewiston or Moscow and get your windshield done at the same time. If you need a ride somewhere please let us know when scheduling service. We’ll make sure you get you there and back. When you come from out of town we always provide expedited service and use fast curing adhesives so we don’t wreck your whole day. We strive for a 1 ½-2 hour turnaround time.

Windshield repairs can still be performed onsite if favorable conditions exist. We can come to you for repairs if you have cover like a carport, garage, shop, etc. We need to schedule repairs in a meaningful way so that it’s cost effective and I’m sorry to say we will limit the mobile repair service to Kamiah, or other communities for multiple jobs. We will go to Kooskia and Stites, or the like, if we have enough jobs to warrant the trip. So, if you live in Harpster and have a couple of friends that also need repairs done we’d probably do it. Of course we can always meet you in Kamiah.

For window tinting, we have only offered In-Shop service. A two door tint job takes about an hour and a half. A complete vehicle usually takes 4-5 hours depending on the complexity. Again, when you come from out of town you are high priority.

I want to ask a little help from you. So we may better connect, I’m hoping you will provide me with links to your favorite local Facebook, groups, Something like Buy/Sell Kamiah, or anything like that.

Keep in mind that we do a few other things as well, like window regulators–that’s the thingy that makes your window go up and down. We also do headlight restoration, paint protection film and auto graphics like wraps and so on.

We’re working out the logistics of this page and your patience and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please check back as we continue to develop this and post new information. Thank you again for making this a fun year for us.

Zack Garner
Mr Windshield
Toll free:800-909-1941