The window regulator is the mechanism that makes your driver’s and passenger’s doors go up and down.  (a Federal Regulator is the guy that come and takes all your assets and breaks up your moonshine still).

Window regulators wear and break down like most of the rest of your car.   The common jargon is that “The window has come off the track.”   Sometimes this is true but  quite often the window operation has failed in a certain way like it is stuck in a position or has fallen down in the door and can’t be reached, or some such thing.  In any case, something has gone wrong and we’re here to help.  Sorry, we can’t help with Federal Regulators.

With our service we inspect inside the door and if there is something that is fixable we do it at that time.  There is a charge for that.  If, we determine that additional parts are needed, say a regulator,  and we need to order parts we let you know at that time.   There is still a charge, however; we will apply that charge to the regulator replacement charge, so in essence you aren’t paying us for two services.  The charge acts as a down payment toward the regulator or parts ordered.

Usually, if it’s a problem that requires additional parts, we can get your glass back into place so you don’t have an open window while you’re waiting for parts to get here.

Response time is no more than half of a business day. For immediate response please contact us by phone at (800) 909-1941.