Windshield Chip & Crack Repair

It’s been estimated that windshield repair versus replacement saves U.S. consumers and insurance companies over 60 million dollars annually. While we offer windshield replacement as a full service autoglass shop, we will always recommend windshield repair as long as it will meet the repair criteria.

If you should get a rock chip in your windshield we suggest getting it repaired at your earliest convenience. Temperature changes in the glass will continue to weaken the damaged area and rain or other water can often carry contaminants into the crack which will effect the final appearance of a repair.

  • Stops damage from spreading.
  • Restores structural integrity to the damaged glass.
  • Improves clarity in the damaged area.
  • Is environmentally friendly because it extends useful life of the glass.
  • Saves consumers money over windshield replacement.
  • Only laminated safety glass can be repaired; windshields are made from laminated glass.
  • If the damaged area can be covered by a dollar bill, repair is usually possible.
  • Cracks 6 inches or under can normally be repaired.
  • Cracks over 6 inches should be inspected by one of our qualified technicians. In some cases long cracks might be able to be repaired as well.
  • Windshields cannot be repaired if the inside piece of glass is broken.

    If you have full coverage, most insurance companies will pay for chip repairs and there will be no cost to you!

    Catch it as a chip before it becomes a crack.