About Us

(Zack, LiYan and Josh)

(Zack, LiYan and Josh)

(More than you want to know)

We’re often asked if we are a franchise. Nope, we’re just folks.

I started the business in 1998 out of my home and garage until I could arrange for an adequate retail location in 1999. At first I had to do mostly mobile work but have always been convinced that using a shop was a much better alternative as one can eliminate many variables. Liyan and I married in 2002 and she came to work in the shop. She brought much needed dimension to our business. Liyan has run the tinting department since she joined the business and we sometimes call her our “Tint Ninja.” She is from China and her influence on the business has been dramatic as she is very hardworking and conservative and has a keen business sense.
About the time she joined the business Josh joined the business as well. Over the years we have worked closely together and have accomplished a lot as a core team. We have had the opportunity to work with several wonderful people here and owe them each a debt of gratitude. To name but a few there is Joe, and Jeff and Barry and Johnny, and more.

We acquired our Moscow location on the eve of the recession and moved our Lewiston location into a bigger facility in 2011. I laugh and say I’ve been scared to death the entire way. There’s a bit of truth to it.

We are often associated with our funny, odd, low budget commercials. We’ve had a lot of great input, design and production for our ads but the core of our advertising comes from within. The advertising is our creative outlet and provides a glimpse of who we are. Yup, it’s fun too.
We are an assortment of individuals here but I like to think we are dug in, proud of our products and services, professional, with the ability not to take ourselves too seriously. (“Hey, it’s windshields, man.”)

We’re not fixing the ozone, or global warming (window tinting might actually help a little with those things), but I thing we do a good little service and we really like the people we serve and have come to know over the years. That’s what I’m in it for.