Performing Auto Glass Replacement On All Makes & Models

Windshield Chip & Crack Repair

It’s been estimated that windshield repair versus replacement saves U.S. consumers and insurance companies over 60 million dollars annually. While we offer windshield replacement as a full-service auto glass shop, we will always recommend windshield repair as long as it will meet the repair criteria.

If you should get a rock chip in your windshield, we suggest getting it repaired at your earliest convenience. Temperature changes in the glass will continue to weaken the damaged area, and rain or other water can often carry contaminants into the crack which will affect the final appearance of a repair.

Why you should repair your windshield now...

  • Stops damage from spreading.

  • Restores structural integrity to the damaged glass.

  • Improves clarity in the damaged area.

  • Is environmentally friendly because it extends the useful life of the glass.

  • Saves consumers’ money over windshield replacement.

Can your windshield be repaired or does it need to be replaced?

  • Only laminated safety glass can be repaired; windshields are made from laminated glass.

  • If the damaged area can be covered by a dollar bill, repair is usually possible.

  • Cracks 6 inches or under can normally be repaired.

  • Cracks over 6 inches should be inspected by one of our qualified technicians. In some cases, long cracks might be able to be repaired as well.

  • Windshields cannot be repaired if the inside piece of glass is broken.

If you have full coverage, most insurance companies will pay for chip repairs and there will be no cost to you!

Catch it as a chip before it becomes a crack.

Auto Glass Replacement

“We are the best-stocked windshield replacement shop in the Western United States with over 4,000 windows and rearview mirrors on hand!”

We are a full-service auto glass shop offering replacement for all glass parts on any vehicle manufactured today.

When we perform an auto glass replacement on your car, you can be assured that we first begin with a quality product. We use only OEM or OEM-approved parts. Our installers are factory-certified for each brand of adhesive we use. We continue to educate ourselves with new products and procedures as they come to market and go to great lengths to ensure that each replacement meets our quality standards while providing the best service to you that we know-how.

While we may not always be the lowest price, we remain very competitive while offering quality products and outstanding service. We are confident that we are the best value in our market.

We do our business on a handshake and we stand behind our work.

We guarantee our products to be free from defects, and we warrant our workmanship for as long as you own your car. Simply put: If you ever have a problem with our work, we’ll take care of it.

Response time is no more than half of a business day. For immediate response, please contact us by phone at (800) 909-1941.

Headlight Restoration & Replacement

Having exceptional wiper blades ensures a clean windshield, but you can also readily see what’s in front of you while driving through a downpour. Your blades are designed to remove water and debris from your windshield, which produces crystal-clear vision, regardless of your traveling conditions.

Mr. Windshield offers high-performance wiper blades that are built from heavy-duty materials, requiring less frequent changes and guaranteeing a clean windshield during any inclement weather.

Did you know?

The 100 Year History of Headlights

Well over 100 years ago, headlights on horse drawn carages and vehicles were made of candles or oil burning lamps. Although they didn't light up the road like modern electric headlights. It allowed others to see that there was another vehicle. In 1915, Massachusetts was the first state to require all vehicles to have eletric headlights.

Response time is no more than half of a business day. For immediate response, please contact us by phone at (800) 909-1941.

Catch it as a chip before it becomes a crack.

Window Regulator Repair

The window regulator is the mechanism that makes your driver’s and passenger’s doors go up and down. (A Federal Regulator is the guy that comes and takes all your assets and breaks up your moonshine still).

Window regulators wear and break down like most of the rest of your car. The common jargon is that “The window has come off the track.” Sometimes, this is true but quite often the window operation has failed in a certain way like it is stuck in a position or has fallen down in the door and can’t be reached or some such thing. In any case, something has gone wrong and we’re here to help. Sorry, we can’t help with Federal Regulators.

With our service, we inspect inside the door, and if there is something that is fixable, we do it at that time. There is a charge for that. If we determine that additional parts are needed, say a regulator, and we need to order parts, we let you know at that time. There is still a charge; however, we will apply that charge to the regulator replacement charge, so in essence, you aren’t paying us for two services. The charge acts as a down payment toward the regulator or parts ordered.

Usually, if it’s a problem that requires additional parts, we can get your glass back into place so you don’t have an open window while you’re waiting for parts to get here.

Response time is no more than half of a business day. For immediate response, please contact us by phone at (800) 909-1941.

Heavy Equipment Glass Repair & Replacement

We offer onsite safety glass cutting and installation for a wide range of heavy equipment models. Caterpillar, John Deere, Case, New Holland, and International Harvester are but a few of the makes we service. Our on-site glass cutting service is structured to save you money by eliminating the need for multiple trips to your equipment.

  • We do onsite work within a 125-mile radius of Lewiston, Idaho.

  • We service commercial industrial operations and respond to the need for fast efficient service to minimize downtime.

  • We will come to your operation after hours and weekends.

  • We service agricultural, mining, and timber operation

Equipment Glass

  • Is usually made from laminated safety glass

  • Is sometimes single layer tempered glass

  • Mr. Windshield uses laminated safety glass to replace existing equipment glass.

Response time is no more than half of a business day. For immediate response, please contact us by phone at (800) 909-1941.

RV & Boat Glass Replacement

Mr. Windshield cuts custom glass for many boat applications and offers motor home windshield replacement.

Motorhome Window Replacement

  • There are fewer manufacturers of motorhome windshields than there are for other autos.

  • Many people that have had their motorhome windshield replaced have had to wait for weeks for the glass to arrive.

  • Mr. Windshield routinely receives motorhome windshields in one or two days.

  • There has been a reluctance for some glass shops to install motorhome glass because of issues they may have had with insurance companies. Not us; we’re happy to have your business, and we work well with all insurance companies.

Boat Window Replacement

  • Boat glass is either laminated safety glass or tempered glass.

  • We cut and install laminated glass (the kind that fits into a rubber seal)

  • Glass is available in clear, green tint, bronze tint, and smoke tint. And it’s available in various levels of darkness.

  • We also tint existing glass (See our tint page)

  • There are several boat manufacturers in the Lewis-Clark Valley and we cut glass for new boats as well.

Response time is no more than half of a business day. For immediate response, please contact us by phone at (800) 909-1941.